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The Painless Brazilian Wax.

If you've always avoided Brazilians because you're worried about the ouch-factor, take heart. Non-strip waxing shrink-wraps the hairs in question, without sticking to the skin, so that when it's removed, it doesn't pull, yank, strip, rip or bruise. Best of all, once you've waxed, you should have at least three weeks of full-on fuzz freedom before a follicle even peeks through. Warp speed is not an option here because people really prefer a little more time on the table if it means a little less hair on their nether regions.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Brazilian wax is at $50. Check out the rest of our hair removal prices.

I've Heard That You Can't Use Certain Skin Products And Have A Facial Wax At The Same Time, Why Is That?

Certain skin-care ingredients, like vitamin C and AHAs, can make the skin very sensitive. Definitely refrain from waxing if you take Accutane or have a skin condition such as eczema or rosacea. You could damage the skin. Always tell your technician what medications or topical treatments you're using.

Tips And Techniques

What to expect during your Brazilian wax appointment with us.

When you arrive at our location, you'll be taken to our private waxing area where you'll be asked to remove your clothes from the waist down. You'll lie on your back on a table covered with clean paper, with your legs down or your knees up, as you would in the gynecologist's office. Your technician will know you at least as intimately as your gynecologist. Your best defense is to appear as though you think it's as normal as your technician does.

Tips For A Comfortable Brazilian Wax.

Seeing the same technician repeatedly helps, of course, because you establish a comfort level with that person. Here at our location, we will ask always ask you for your preference of technician and if it is your first ever Brazilian wax, we make it a point to assign you to the most experienced waxing technician.

To begin, the technician will dip a waxing stick into a pot of warm wax and then spread it onto your skin & hair. We use hard wax for the least amount of discomfort. As the wax cools, it basically “shrink-wraps" each hair. Once the wax has hardened, it is then pulled out from the root. Most likely, your technician will remove stray hairs with a set of tweezers.

While waxing, it's best to pull the skin tight, so you may be asked to help stabilize an area with your hand, especially towards the middle of the labia where there's no firm bone or muscle underneath. Waxing usually starts in the front & moves toward the back.

Why We Use Hard Wax & Not Strip Wax For Your Brazilian.

Both soft and hard depilatory waxes are designed to be melted and applied to the skin. How the products “cure” or dry on the skin and how they are removed are the essential difference. Soft wax cures slowly and remains tacky. Once applied, it must be removed using a waxing strip. Hard wax, often called non-strip wax, cures firmly so that it may be lifted without a strip. Hard or non-strip waxes tend to be gentler than soft waxes and are often the asthetician’s choice for waxing sensitive areas such as eyebrows, faces, navels, bikinis and underarms.

Waxing FAQs

What should I do to prepare for my visit?

Do come dressed as comfortably as you possibly can. Also, do try to avoid making a Brazilian wax appointment three days before or after your period, the reason being skin is more sensitive then.

Is It True That Hair Grows Back Thinner After Waxing?

Yes, because pulling the hair from the root weakens the hair follicle with time.

How long should my hair be?

Hair growth should be at least 1/4" but not longer than 1/2" (about 2 week’s growth) for the most effective waxing. Hair should be carefully trimmed if necessary. It should be free from oils and lotion to make hair removal easier.

How Is A Brazilian Wax Different From A Bikini Wax?

Basically, with the Brazilian, hair is removed in the front, back & everything in between. Most of the time clients opt for everything to be removed. A Bikini Wax on the other hand, the hair is removed in the Bikini line only.

Is It The Wax Or Waxer That Accounts For The Pain?

It's the wax. We only use hard wax, which hardens on the skin. When we pull it up, you see the root ball attached to the hair. If wax grabs at the skin or breaks the hair, that hurts. We never like what we hear about the cloth strips used to remove other waxes especially for sensitive areas like the Brazilian wax.


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