Heard about the mineral makeup craze? By now, probably.

How it doesn’t block pores, how its great for acne prone, oily and sensitive skin etc. But before you go out and grab your minerals, here’s one thing to look out for before you fall for pretty packaging. Hey, if you’re looking, you might as well go for the good stuff.

Minerals are so popular now, it’s no surprise that half a dozen brands enter the fray each week. A bit like the organic craze.

The result is the same as with all skin care after a while.

Confusion and buying mistakes.

Here’s what really separates real minerals from cheap (or worse, expensive) copycats.

Bismuth Oxychloride, and here’s why its bad news for your skin.

We sell Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, the only range till date that chooses to omit Bismuth Oxychloride from its ingredients. And that is what makes it a truly great mineral brand.

Sorry Bare Minerals and the rest of the mineral makeup gang!

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why use hard wax over strip wax for your brazilian wax

If you are looking to do a brazilian wax, make sure you pick a provider that uses hard wax.

Using strip wax is like doing a Tiger Woods.

It’s cheating.

Strip wax is for the legs, arms, back etc. The Brazilian area with all it’s nerve endings?

No chance.

We use hard wax, it shrink wraps the hair follicle and pulls from the roots, never at the skin.

And thats why places who use strip wax for their Brazilian have their clients hopping en mass to places where they do the Brazilian with hard wax and a fairer price.

Here’s a comparison, Strip’s Brazilian $65, Spahaven’s Brazilian $46.

Our regulars are more eloquent, “Strip 0 Spahaven 1″, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

From now till the end of dec ’09, find out how our brazilians are going from half price to free, front desk at 6221-2203 has all the details!

Yes that’s how pleased we are.

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033 | Treadmill by The Doctr

Wanna practise a little frugal economics and keep the pounds off at the same time? A study has shown that possibility and best of all, it’s free!

Apparently, as little as ten minutes of exercise increases growth-hormone levels, which helps prevents abdominal fat (nasty nasty things) and increase muscle mass.  A group of women were studied while told to perform aerobics exercise for either 10 minutes at 75% of their maximal heart rate (equivalent of a brisk walk). Blood samples taken after shows growth-hormones levels to be at least 500% higher than before they exercised.

If you’re reading this on your PDA while on the treadmill, set it to 10 minutes folks.

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Its a love hate relationship for sure, but choosing the right method for yourself will make things easier whether you’re on a budget or are prepared to spend less time in the toilet shaving.

Let’s see the options:

Shaving: The fastest, cheapest, and easiest thing to do at home.

The drawback is that a razor slices the hair follicle, hence leaving a sharp edge. When the hair grows, there may be a tendency to curl back towards the skin and the result is commonly known as ingrown hair. Some people are more prone to it than others, especially people with curly hair. We usually advise people with curly hair to consider other methods of getting rid of body hair.

Ingrowns can leave marks and scars on people who are prone to pigmentation, and the best way to know if thats something you’re susceptible to, just do this simple test; do your cuts and scratches turn a dark brown when they heal? Do they take a considerable amount of time to fade? If the answer to both is ‘yes’, then you’re likely to do pretty badly with ingrowns and the marks they can leave on your skin.

Waxing: So many people love waxing! The appeal lies in getting it done and forgetting about pesky re-growth for weeks. The thing to note though is that waxing is a skill that is difficult to acquire and there are really not that many good waxists around (despite the number of providers increasing) Always see a skilled professional if you’re interested in waxing.

If you’re a good candidate for waxing, though, this method will slowly damage the hair follicle to minimize re-growth. With time, hair will grow back thinner in areas that are regularly waxed.

Threading: This technique, popularized in India, uses a small thread to remove hairs one by one. It is my favorite facial hair removal method because it doesn’t involve any potentially damaging heat.

Depilatories: These cream- or gel-based products contain strong chemicals that essentially “dissolve” hair. As you might imagine, they are not good for those with sensitive skin - and even those without sensitive skin should follow the product’s directions carefully, as depilatories can give the skin a chemical burn. Clients often ask me if these products are safe in the long run, and the truth is, we don’t know: There are no long-term studies on the safety of depilatories. However, they seem to be safe in those who don’t experience immediate irritation.

Intense Pulsed Light: This light based treatment destroys hair follicles over 8-10 sessions. It gives the best effect on people who have contrasting skin and dark hair colour. We see that it worrks very well on chinese asians, caucasians with dark hair, malays and indians with fairer skin and dark hair, but not recommended for caucasians with blonde hair or malays & indians with melanin-dense skin.

Lasers: There are many types of hair-removal lasers, and they can be used in all skin types. The AFT Laser can even be used on the darkest skin, which wasn’t always possible. Right after treatment with a laser, hairs remain in the skin, so don’t expect instant gratification. Three to five days after treatments, though, the affected hair slowly falls out. Hairs will grow back, but they’ll be thinner and lighter.

For optimal results, you’ll typically need treatment every 4-8 weeks for an average of 6 sessions, and costs vary by the size of the area treated.  Treating the bikini area, underarms, and face is quick and really worth the money!

Vaniqa: This is the first prescription cream proven to minimize hair growth in women. Apply it twice a day, and after eight weeks your hair will grow slower. But it’s not a hair removal product, and therefore must be combined with another method (for example, splurge on a laser treatment, then follow it up with threading and Vaniqa, and you’ll dramatically reduce hair growth in both the short- and long-term). It’s pricey, though, so this is another method that’s best saved for the face, the area for which it’s intended. We sell a non-prescription version of this called Ultim and you can make enquiries with our staff.

It’s raining deals!: Call now to enquire about how to save 20% on your regular waxing, and up to 50% off the IPL and painless laser hair removal treatments. Ultim is also available, limited stock so hurry. You can also reach us on our live chat or by our contact us page.

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birth control and acne

birth control and acne

Yes you must have heard or read about this one; contraceptive pills can help acne.

It’s true but before you start buying some, you need to know which ones to look for.

Most birth control pills contain both estrogen and progestin (synthetic progesterone).

Progestins can act either as androgens (that is, they can act like male hormones) or as anti-androgens (which means that they block male hormones); androgens trigger oil glands to produce sebum, thus worsening acne. That’s why birth control pills work for acne management, due to their anti-androgenic makeup.

SO if you’re looking for pills that could help with acne as well, you can look at the labels for brands that contain progestins with less androgenic activity such as norgestimate, norethindrone, desogestrel, ethynodiol, or levonorgestrel.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep, and Yaz are all approved pills you can consider. Another option, Yasmin, is similar to Yaz (they both contain drospirenone, another anti-androgen) but not specifically approved for the treatment of acne.

Not everyone may necessarily like the idea of using birth control pills to control oil production and improve acne, while I think it’s perfectly fine, I also like to think that there are other more elegant methods to treat such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and salicylic acid, for example, are also important treatment tools.

Besides,  where birth control pills are concerned, they typically take three to six months to really start working and not many people with more serious acne would like to wait for such an extended period – another reason that you’ll want to use other approaches simultaneously.

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