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Cassandra Low, Client

"I've tried the manual massage stuff and obviously, those didn't work. Didn't want to do surgery either but the Laser Breast Lift, I must say is very promising! The treatment is comfortable and quick and I can get a session done and still be in time for lunch."

What It's About

Worried about sagging breasts?

The causes of drooping breasts are:
  • Weakening chest wall muscles and skin elasticity due to aging.
  • Changes in sex hormone secretion and mammary glands during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Large size of breasts itself causing strain and stretching of skin and breast ligaments.

Dissatisfied with the shape of your breasts?

As the breast (Cooper’s) ligaments become elongated and greater pectoral (chest wall) muscles loose its strength, the breasts cannot be supported well. Also due to the big weight loss, the ideal cone-shaped breast cannot be retained.

Laser Breast Lift - How It Works

Treatment FAQs

Can this treatment give me breast cancer?

Light based treatments do not alter the brain's ability to produce excessive hormones, which is the principle way cancer grows. We have used light based treatments for many purposes such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation and it is a very safe technique.

How often do I need to do the treatments?

The recommended frequency is 1x a week initially followed by monthly maintenance. The recommended number of sessions to experience the full effect is approximately 12.

Will the problem recur when I finish the program?

As breast sagging is a natural result of aging, it is not possible to say that it will not recur without maintenance. So it would be best to do quarterly maintenance together with good practices at home and avoid excessive weight fluctuations.

Is 12 sessions enough to completely treat the problem?

12 sessions is a guideline for most people to see significant difference in terms of lifting & firming. It must, however be noted that for more severe cases of ptosis, or in cases where skin elasticity is poor due to genetic or aging factors, more sessions will be required. This is also the case for those who would like an increase in volume.

What happens if it doesn't work?

The effect of the Laser Breast Enhancement Lift can be gradual due to it's stimulation of your body's own repair & production system to produce the results. As a guideline, younger clients with little or no sun damage and good bra-wearing history will see the fastest results. Most clients see some firming effect after 3-4 sessions and very often, after the first session.

Who is a suitable candidate for the Laser Breast Lift?

The Laser Breast Enhancement Lift is unsuitable for clients who are unwell, have long term illnesses, require long term medication, suffer from atopic dermatitis, photoallergy, herpes, keloids or are photosensitive. It should be avoided by pregnant or nursing mothers and persons suffering from sunburn.

What It Can Do For You

Laser Breast Lift Treatment - Before & After

The Laser Breast Enhancement Lift can help with lifting and firming of sagging breasts due to:

  • Loss of skin elasticity.
  • Significant changes in breast size due to hormonal changes like pregnancy & lactation.
  • Weight Loss or repeated Weight Gain/ Loss.
  • Poor undergarment support.
  • Gravity pull on larger breasts.
  • Loss of volume due to aging & stiffening of fatty tissue.

The Laser Breast Enhancement Lift can also help fill out breasts with:

  • Lack of volume in the decollete.
  • Small cup size due to loose skin.

How does Laser Breast Enhancement Lift help enhance the bust?

The Laser Breast Enhancement Lift uses a unique wavelength that targets the coopers' ligament & skin to:
  • Increase collagen production for a firming effect.
  • Stimulate repair of skin tissue for a lifting effect.
  • Soften stiffened fatty tissue due to aging.
  • Increase volume through stimulation of collagen production & loosening of stiffened tissue.

Most clients are very happy with the results as it helps with the sagging which is very common after childbirth as it affects the cooper's ligament that holds our breasts up and keeps it firm.


How much does it cost me?

Full session trial prices start from $160. We will be in a better position to discuss prices for the required series of sessions when we consult you personally.

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